Friday, September 3, 2010

Another Chapter for Boo

He's in a wonderful home now with two brothers (a bushy, skittish older male cat and a smallish white and orange boy kitty with whom there was a brief rivalry) and his new baby sister who is black and white just like he is.

Last week he got sick. He had vomitting and diarrhea, which is hard when you only weight 6.8 pounds! He lost two ounces and his new mom said she thought she was going to lose him. But Boo (now named Johnny) is fighting hard still. A visit to the vet and a shot seems to have him back on track. He lost ground with his weight, so he'll have to gain that back (fingers crossed and prayers going up!).

The cutest part was that when he heard my voice and saw me, he ran and hid in the bedroom! I think he thought I was there to take him away from his wonderful new home and he was NOT about to go! I assured him I was just visiting, but he watched me out of the corner of his eye very wearily during my visit and hopped down to be near his mom!

So, again, Johnny Boo can use some prayers.

His mom says that he is such a lovey--loving to snuggle on the chair with her, and sleep with her when it's his turn. He keeps an eye on his little baby sister. He is always close by when she uses the fountain to drink. He's not sure he should let her, but he stands close by and watches. : )

In his picture (at the very bottom), you can see he's a bit worried (and terribly thin).

So, just a quick update! Thanks for your continued prayers for a little guy who could really use them.


  1. Just checking in. We hope Johnny/Boo is doing well, and cuddling with all the beans and kitties in the place.


  2. Just checking in. How's Boo/Johnny doing? Well, we all hope.