Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Creatures Great and Small

I had lost my reverence for life for a while. I felt that I was surrounded by people who were uncaring, unkind, and bent on venting their anger at every turn. Angry gestures in traffic, people assuming the worst without giving you a chance, and, most especially, the man who felt it was okay to shoot at and throw firecrackers at a starving animal.

I felt that intimidation, rage and even evil were all around me. It felt like the bad guys were winning.

And then I started to sink. One thing I have always held on to is my faith that good wins out, that God--whatever name you choose to give that force--was the animating spirit in all things good and kind and compassionate.

But when I could only despise my neighbor, I sunk into the same anger that surrounded me.

And then Boo showed up. Despite his bad treatment, he was willing to trust. Did he have any choice? He was starving. He had to chance it. And that is when my little furry, whiskered, black-and-white teacher offered me the chance to change my view.

I got him to the shelter and after the director settled him into a safe crate, she turned to me and said, "There are good people out there." It was matter-of-fact, out of the blue. And still I was skeptical.

Then a wonderful lady told me she would take Boo into her home with her two other cats. Her home was so peaceful. She is a very patient, kind person. She cares for her kitties the way she cares for everything living. It was like balm to my wounds. I think maybe her soothing voice coaxed me out of my sadness just as it coaxed Boo out of his crate.

Then as I turned to leave, I told her, "You're an angel." She smiled and said, "There are lots of good people out there just like us." It was the second time in three days that someone had said the same thing to me. I knew a message was being delivered. I peeked at Boo, who was snuggled on a soft afghan an I felt my heart open again, as if a tight band had been released.

Yes. There are many good people out there. People who sent encouraging words; people who prayed; people who kept their faith that things would work out when I was struggling to believe it.

I thank you all from the bottom of my renewed heart. And I am thrilled to share the following email from Johnny's (aka Boo) new Mom:

hi wendy.............GOOD NEWS! our little guy is clean! infections or feline aids or he had his nails his next set of shots..and we're good to go for one year...johnny weighed in at 6.8 lbs and dr. pam believes he's abt 2 1/2 years old soooooo on feb. 18, 2011 (that's the feast of st. bernadette, one of my favorites) he will be 3....he's a great little traveler...hardly mewed...right now he's napping upstairs on my bed while joey and honey are down here with me...last night was his turn to sleep with me...tonight it will be honey's turn...gotta be fair....oh how i love him...doc says we must fatten him up...split a can of tuna packed in water amg the 3 kitties once a week...boy, does he loooove that

have a peace full day and God bless you real good...
you are johnny's godmother


  1. That's wonderful news about Boo being FeLv negative. It sounds like he has landed firmly on all four paws in his new home and will be soaking up the love and comfort that he so richly deserves.

    There are good people out there, it's sometimes hard to see them amidst the dark clouds generated by the not so good people, but the good ones do shine through.

    Best of luck to Boo and thank you again for helping him to a great new life. We'd love to see some more pictures of him.


  2. ALL RIGHT! (everyone grabs paws and yells!)

    We really, really needed some good news today.

    PS: We need a couple more pictures of Boo/Johnny in his new home, at least.

    WOO HOO!!!

  3. Thanks, Whicky. I will definitely be posting more pictures of him.

    I'm hoping to post a few pictures of his favorite buddy from the shelter--a kitty that is just full of sass and the happiest goofball who loves to sit on people's shoulders. : )

    Thanks for your kinds posts. I can't tell you how much it helped. : )

  4. I hear that Lee County Clowder! I think everyone was overdue for some good news.

    I will definitely post more pictures of him...hopefully with both of his brothers!! Crossing fingers he makes peace with Honey! : )

  5. Great news! We are so happy to hear that Johnny (Boo) does not have leukemia! We are purring for his continued good health.


    'Kaika and his mom

  6. Yay!! We're glad Boo has a new furever home and that he is healthy!!

  7. This is so wonderful! We are so glad that Boo-Johnny is negative for all the nasties. You did a great thing, working so hard to find him a home. Our Meowm feels like you have sometimes. With so many homeless and hurt animals out there, it is easy to lose track of the fact that there are wonderful people in the world. We are members of the CB and see lots of good things, but it is still easy to lose sight of that. We will have to remember your words, and remind Meowm when she is feeling down about things.

  8. Yay!!! We're so happy that Boo has found his forever home!

    We know it can be so scary - we have a brofur that we haven't met yet that Momma and Daddy rescued from outside.

    Happy forever home, Boo!

    Charlemagne and Tamar

  9. what wonderful news! may good health and warm blankies continue to fill johnny's life.