Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A New Beginning?

After two weeks in a very crowded shelter, Boo went to his new home. He now lives with a woman who has two other boy cats in a peaceful, loving home. Hopefully, this is his happy ending. Boo has one more serious hurdle--tomorrow he goes for his feline leukemia test. If he passes, his new life commences. If he tests positive for feline leukemia, Boo will be put down.

I'm hopeful. The shelter director said that his gums did not look pale. That's a good sign. What shows up in his blood, however, is the deciding factor. If he is positive, he would put the other cats at risk. And the prognosis for a feline leukemia cat is bad.

So, cross your fingers, say a prayer, and hopefully I'll be giving you the final good news.

On a more positive note, Boo seemed to take very well to life in a home again. He uses his litter, he snuggles on an afghan to sleep (except for the night he jumped into bed with his new "Mom"). He loves to watch the birds out the window, safely from inside, thank you!

He's quite the talker and seems to have a lot to say. He likes the furry boy Joey. He has not warmed up to his other brother yet. Fingers crossed that if good news comes from the doctor and he has a little while to settle in that he will decide to get along with both of his new brothers.

In the meantime, I've posted a picture of Boo snuggled in the Afghan. I think a soft, snuggly surface is something he hasn't enjoyed for a long time. For now, he is comfortable, fed, loved, and safe.

Isn't that the most any of us can hope for?

_ _ _ _ _

More photos of Boo's favorite shelter pals to follow! New pictures of Boo at the botto of the page.


  1. We're so glad that Boo has a home and has been rescued from his awful life outside. Thank you for helping him when he was in such dire need.

    We hope his FeLv test is negative, but if it isn't, don't despair, cats with FeLv can live long lives in the right home where stress is minimal. FeLv isn't always the death sentence it's sold as. Of course they need to be away from FeLv negative cats but can live well with other FeLv cats. If he tests positive, maybe he could be isolated in his new home until another home with someone willing to take on a cat with FeLv can be found. It would be awful for his life to end, so soon after he has been saved from his horrible life living wild.

    It's a good sign that Boo is looking well after living such a stressful life outdoors. Stress is the biggest precursor to activating both the FeLv and Fiv viruses. Paws crossed for negative tests!


  2. We too hope Boo tests negative. But if he doesn't, Whicky's comment is right on and we hope he can be spared. So glad Boo has been rescued.

  3. WOO HOO!!! We are so very happy to read this!! We will be purring our hearts out for a negative FELV test....but we do agree with Everycat.

    Thank you for caring enough about Boo to do all this for him! If only everyone felt this way!

    We look forward to more updates!

  4. Good news. We were wondering what was happening with Boo.

    We're purrring that Boo is negative on FeLv and everything else they test for. He really deserves a break about now.


  5. Whicky is right about FelV kitties being able to live relatively normal, healthy lives ... there are treatments (not cures) for FeLv and websites that offer healthcare options available, such as: http://felineleukemia.org/

    Please, if little Boo does test positive, consider re-homing him with a family that is willing to take in FeLv kitties. We certainly understand and respect your the prospective adoptive family's decision not to raise an FeLv kitty. But the felineleukemia.org site may have a link to assist with FeLv adoptions. We wish Boo and hopefully his new family all the best.

    'Kaika and his mom

  6. I am going to forward the information on felineleukemia.org to the new owner just in case. Thank you very much for that resource.

    At least it would give her an option. I know her first concern would be protecting the health of her other two cats. I can make her aware of it.