Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Waging Peace

It's been a difficult day. I received a call at work today from the rental agency that owns my townhome. I was told in no uncertain terms that if I continued to feed the cats, I would be evicted.

Her frustration and upset were clear. They've been waging this battle for 20 plus years. They spend a lot of money having skunks removed.

I'm thinking, well, if your strategy hasn't worked in 20 years, doesn't that tell you something? And if you're spending money to have skunks removed, why not neuter the cats?????

So I find myself confused, a bit angry at being threatened straight away, and heart-achingly sad.

Boo showed up looking for food. I threw some into the woods. He started to eat and the neighbor came out and threw fire crackers at him.

I cried.

He came back later, sitting quietly on my patio step, patiently waiting. I went outside, picked him up and held him in my lap for moment. He settled quietly and looked at me as if to say, "What did I do?" I sat there while he ate some food I held, and then I let him down and he trotted into the woods.

After I gathered myself, called a former Humane Agent. She will help me get him neutered and get his shots tomorrow night. Here's hoping he shows up long enough for me to get him into the safe carrier. I will gladly pay for his shots and the procedures. I pray it gets this little guy one step closer to a home.

The Humane Agent is going to help me formulate a plan. Part I is to meet with the rental representative and get her story about what she has tried in the past and where it went wrong.

After the neighbor threw the firecrackers, I went down and talked with them both (his wife is absolutely lovely), and invited them to sit in on the meeting tomorrow evening.

I think that cruelty and anger are probably the result of many years of frustration. There is something in me that would like to say "they just didn't care enough to try harder." But I know from the phone calls I made it disheartening at best. I will choose to believe these are basically good people who feel frustrated and stuck.

The problem is that Boo, who never ask for any of this, is suffering while people fight. He doesn't have a choice. He still trusts despite all his bad treatment. And now I feel I'm letting him down too. I will not allow it to happen. This has to be a success story. I need it to be a success story.

A friend said today, "Do you really think Americans are a peaceful people? Look at our television...it's violence. We value domination. We cheer when one team beats the tar out of another. We spend enormous amounts of money on it. We are a dominant, aggressive people with Wild West mentality."

I'm praying she's wrong. I'm praying we are not the worst of our nature, but striving toward the best of our nature. And a home for one little black and white cat would go a long way to restore my faith in just that.

Please spread the story. You never know who might be the connect to A Home for Boo.


  1. Hi there,

    I boosted the signal on my LJ and Twitter. I lived in Pittsburgh for five years and stay in contact with a lot of folks from there still, so hopefully this will help. Good luck!

  2. I have sent this off into my FB feed and asked others to do the same. I'm working my way down my Messenger list now.

  3. Man, if this was closer to home and I was allowed cats, I would scoop this little guy up. His life just hasn't been easy )= I'm going to put this on facebook and see where it goes.

  4. Hey, I too am a Pittsburgh native, but have an immuno-suppressed cat in my household already and concerned about adding another until he passes.(And we're also feeding an abandoned cat outdoors, too, for the last 3 years.)

    If you need an ear to talk about options, feel free to write to me: rissicat@gmail.com.

  5. Hi,
    My name is Rachel and I live in Eastern PA (Near Allentown). I'm willing to do what I can to help.

    I'm wondering, have you gotten anyone to help yet? How'd the meeting with the Humane agent go? I'm going to look for a no-kill shelter that can take Boo. About where around are you over there? Like, distance-wise from cities like Pittsburgh and such? Need to know so that I can find a driver to transport him if necessary.

    I hope I can help, and I'm praying for you and Boo.


  6. We will be purring for Boo. Our Meowm feeds ferals in our apartment complex, so she knows how you feel.

    We hope you have luck with the building owners. I am guessing the Humane agent will talk to them about TNR, at least I hope so.

    We will also post this to our Facebook.

  7. Don't live nearby but will post this on Facebook and Twitter! We are purring for Boo to find a forever home.

  8. We live too far away to help much, but if you put up a donate button we would find a way to send a few bucks. Hoping Boo is doing OK, and that the people who own that patch of woods find out about T.N.R.

    Have you checked with Alley Cat Allies? Not sure they would help finding Boo a home, but they would be able to tell people about management of feral cat colonies, and why that is a Real Good Idea.

    Good luck.

  9. We are purring that Boo and the white cat find homes. We don't live nearby but will help spread the word on FB and Twitter.

  10. Hi, all. Yes I did look into Alley Cat Allies. But they pretty much support the neuter and release for feral colonies. Boo has obviously been in a home and dumped. He is far too socialized compared to the truly feral cats out there.

    Thanks for the good thoughts.

  11. Just wondered if you have tried Craig's List or placed an ad in the paper?

    An interesting thought would be if a local paper has a section that deals with animals might do a piece on Boo.

    Or if your local paper does human interest stories might consider Boo's predicament and yours in trying to feed him.

    In our town, one of our TV stations does this "On your side" bit, where someone tells their side of a situation, such as getting an eviction notice for trying to help a scared feline.


  12. i will include boo's situation in my prayers. i can not take another animal of any kind in as we are at our limit. perhaps a paypal donation button? every dollar helps to take care of boo and possibly transport him to his new home.

  13. We are still thinking about and purring for Boo. What is happening?